A few of my favorite things

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  1. I'd like to share some of my collection with you this is the most recent. I had a Hudson, Mono Bucket, Epi Pochette, Tikal that was given to my niece. A Lussac and Cluney that I sold. When I have some more time I will pull out my Vintage and post some pics of that.
    Hope you enjoy:flowers:

  2. Oh wow, that is a wonderful collection! and i love the background you used! i see you like the damier collection! and you mono bags look so new and unused! beautiful!
  3. :wtf::drool: ur collection is TDF .. woooooooooow

    do u mind me asking what is the mono tote with dark handles in the back on the left side?
  4. No not all all. That happens to be a vintage tote 80's that somehow made its way in to the picture. Naughty little girl should have waited her turn to be photographed with my Vintage things..:flowers:
  5. Great collection and I love the way you've displayed it
  6. I love all of your LV accesories! Great collection, can't wait to see vintage pieces!
  7. Beuatiful collection.
  8. whoa! pretty! huge collection!
  9. Love everything! Especially the Vuitton Cup!!! So unique! Great photos too!

    Love the catalog collection too, wish I had thought to save mine.

    Can't wait to see the vintage photos.
  10. Great collection.
  11. Great collection. My hubby was sitting here next to me and said Wow who's are those. He's such a cutie.
  12. Niiiicee!!!! :biggrin:
  13. cool collection!
  14. I love that black one in the lower left corner. Sorry, I'm an LV retard, what's it called? It's epi leather right? Whatever, I love it.
  15. awesome collection