A few of my favorite shoes!!

  1. I have a mass of shoes, but decided to bring out some of my favorites for the pics.....
    shoes 001.jpg shoes 002.jpg shoes 003.jpg shoes 004.jpg shoes 005.jpg shoes 006.jpg shoes 007.jpg shoes 008.jpg shoes 009.jpg shoes 010.jpg
  2. O. M. G! The Fendi high tops are my favorite!
  3. Aren't they great!!! They don't even fit me!!!! I had to have them, though...they were on sale for $50!! I just like to pull them out and look at them...and if I really wanted to wear them....I could always wear extra thick socks!!!!!
  4. I love your black satin slingbacks... is it rochas? I love the puckered toe. :smile:
  5. Yes...Rochas...I just got them...they are so...pretty:heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. Mmmm, gorgeous, gorgeous shoes... Makes me want to go out get a new pair of heels asap!

    and I love your chair, btw - too cool!
  7. I LOVE the first pair with tortoiseshell heels!!! Who are they by??
  8. LOVE the high tops. Also, the chunky platforms that have brown leather and buckles. Very wearable!

    Did you get all these in HK? I think I posted on your other thread that the Landmark was my favorite mall in HK.
  9. Oh my goodness!! I love bags, but I get high off of shoes and I am so HIGH right now:blink: (no, i haven't smoked anything:graucho: ). I WANT TO SEE MORE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Awesome shoes! And, I really love the chair (it's a chair, right?) that you've displayed them on.
  11. Lyn....the tortoise heels are LV

    Maxter....I think that I bought them all here...the brown ones are a brand called Nebuloni....they should be coming on sle soon if you want me to keep an eye out!

    Suli....Many thanks!! Yes those are our dining room chairs!!

    I will take mor pics of more shoes soon....and add!!
  12. wow, great collection!!i love your fendi high tops!!!!:lol:
  13. [​IMG]

    oo my god!! where did you get these... there GREAT!
    how much were they?
  14. I bought them second-hand (although they hadn't been worn), at a place called Milan Station. They are Louis Vuitton from last year, I think...they are called Pompeii. They were originally about $900, and I paid @ $400.
  15. Wow !!! that's what i call sexy shoes, they're all fantastic. :heart: