A Few of my Enid Collins Bags

  1. Hi everyone!

    Here are a couple of my Enid Collins vintage handbags from the 60's. I love her colorful style! My first bag was the Pretty in Pink bag, which I found at a yard sale and STOLE for only $2.00! My luck! My daughter (who now collects them, too) sent me the Cable Car purse for my birthday. They make me smile! Hope you enjoy them, too.

    ECPrettyInPinkScaled.jpg ECCableCarScaled.jpg
  2. They're really unique, I like the cable car bag, it's very fun !

    Welcome to the forum ! :biggrin:
  3. wow, really interesting!
  4. I have one of those, it used to be my moms! I don't know anything about them though, just thought it was funky and cute but I never actually carried it. It's in my old bedroom at my parents house or else I would post a picture. A couple of the jewels have fallen off though :sad:
  5. pippi, i like your bags! they have their very own style!
  6. Lovely bags! You got a really good deal on the first one didn't you, Pippi?!?! I love Enid Collins bags. They are like individual works of art!

    Thanks for the pictures and feel free to show more! We'd love to see them!
  7. What fun bags! Very cute!
  8. Your bags are too cute. I love them.
  9. Those are great! Thank you for sharing.:biggrin:
  10. Beautiful bags ... they are little works of art! I could just stare at them all day admiring the workmanship.
  11. Lovely. Enid Collins is new to me... :biggrin:
  12. I can't believe you have some Enids! I have been collecting for a few years now though it is harder to get them in the UK. I have a cable car too but a wooden box version, plus a " fine feathers " one but not as pretty as your pink one ( there was one exactly like yours sold on e-bay recently - cant remember how much it fetched ) and a really early " pandoras box ". I have never paid $2 - jealous!!

    Its great to see there are other Enid fans - you must post more pictures! Every time I go out with them they get so much interest - I was actually in Prada once with one and all the sales girls loved it and were gathering round to have a look - I felt so cool!!
  13. I love Collins bags! I have a few Collins bags. I use them as decor! A few of my "gems" have fallen off.
  14. I love them! They're so fun! I've never heard of Enid Collins before!
  15. Oh cute! And welcome to PF!