A few of my Chloe bags

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  1. Here are a few of my Chloe bags.. I have much more. I'll post them later. In that last pic, the first one on the left is a bag from 3 or 4 years ago. But, I love it. It's from the Stella McCartney days. Anyways, I love the first Silverado (2nd pic). I also have it in gold. But, I can't find it at the moment. You can find the first Silverado at Neiman Marcus. I got mine for like $2350 back in November.

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  2. Your red bowler/box is simply FABULOUS!!!
  3. ^^i agree! the colour really pops!
  4. I love the python bags!!
  5. that silverado is awesome!
  6. love the paddy
  7. That red is so fabulous!!!
  8. Love the red!
  9. Great colors!
  10. Very nice! I really like the red and if that's a bracelet bag I see on the left, I like that too! Thanks for the pictures!
  11. hey i have the same bracelet bag as you,a question do you find your hand catches on the zip when you put it in to look for something?
  12. Sorry, what do you mean?
  13. Hmm, I think she means does your hand catch on the zipper when you reach into the bag for something (like a wallet).
  14. exactly that is what i meant thanks roey
    i just read my post again and i wouldnt understand what i said.
  15. Oh, I know what you mean. Yes! Lol!
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