A Few Of My Bags--Pics!!!-Collection

  1. My daughter went on a photography spree tonight and took some pics of a part of my collection: I hope I am posting this in the correct place.

    These were given to me by my husband. I believe it was late 2006. I will never part with it!:heart:
    Picture 122.jpg Picture 124.jpg Picture 125.jpg
  2. That's very pretty and so original! Love that you have the matching wallet too! It looks great on you!
  3. My husband gave these to me for Christmas 2007! He loves me!!
    Picture 127.jpg Picture 129.jpg Picture 130.jpg Picture 131.jpg
  4. This was an outlet find on January 2. 2008
    Picture 132.jpg Picture 133.jpg Picture 134.jpg
  5. These are a mix of sale and outlet finds!!
    Picture 135.jpg Picture 136.jpg Picture 137.jpg
  6. ^^Love the patent!
  7. I love these so much!! Thank God for PCE!!!
    Picture 141.jpg Picture 142.jpg Picture 143.jpg
  8. Oh my gosh.. I LOVE the modeling pics.. you are awesome!!!! :rochard: I also loooveee that optic satchel.. I have already been eyeing that and you just pushed me over the edge!!!! :drool: :graucho: :drool:
    • First up is my Swingpack!!
    • Then my lovely Bleecker Flap and Wristlet in Whiskey
    • My ultra favorited fringed wristlet from last year
    • and...my wonderful flap in Chocolate
    All of these either on sale or PCE
    Picture 146.jpg Picture 147.jpg Picture 150.jpg Picture 152.jpg Picture 153.jpg
  9. and a few more!!! PCE = :heart:

    If I can get Samantha to take more pictures, I will post more bags.
    Picture 157.jpg Picture 159.jpg Picture 160.jpg Picture 163.jpg Picture 162.jpg
  10. wow, great modeling pics! thanks so much for posting these! the patent gallery tote is really growing on me! :biggrin:
  11. great modeling pics! I love your optic satchel!
  12. love the pics! what a great collection!
  13. Wonderful photos! I love your collection, lots of color!
  14. Wow you have an awesome collection! Congrats on all of your wonderful pieces! Thank you for posting such great pictures!