A few newish VB *PICS*

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  1. 1. Out with David in Spain
    2. At the airport with Cruz
    3. At the game.
    1gw2.jpg posh%20cruz%202%20aug06.jpg posh%20match%201%20aug06.jpg
  2. There should be lessons on how to look so good! lol Hopefully one day i'll be one of those perfect girls. ;)
  3. yes i agree she is hot, but why is VB always the spot light here on the PF's celeb section?!
  4. No reason.:graucho:
  5. I see she gained half ounce! lol,.. Sorry LV, I thought it was funny!
  6. It is!:lol:
  7. she looks stunning as always!
  8. wow! love that clutch in the first shot!!

    any guesses as to who its by?
  9. she is so gorgeous :smile:
  10. she looks gorgeous
  11. As much as I admire VB - can someone please make her eat SOMETHING???

    I worry about her....
  12. She is one classy looking lady.
  13. She Looks Fabulous ~ As Always!
  14. she looks good, i can never get enough of her pictures!!!!
  15. i love the clutch too...
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