A few new things I picked up in Chicago!!

  1. I was in desperate need of a black bag. I NEVER EVER wear black as its summer year round here. However, I found myself buying black dresses lately so it was time for a black bag! I love how casual or dressy I can make this bag. The leather is incredibly soft, and the patten just makes it look so pretty. I just love it.
    I also picked up the ballet slippers to match my Duchessa!:yahoo::yahoo:
    pics 497.jpg pics 496.jpg pics 498.jpg pics 499.jpg
  2. love love love both :heart:!!! the bag is soo cute and the shoes are yummy :nuts:! good choices!
    congrats & enjoy!
  3. Congrats! I love the shoes!
  4. CUTE shoes! Congrats on the bag and shoes purchase!
  5. cuteness! :smile: congrats....i think i need to borrow the shoes ;) haha
  6. Congrats
  7. That bag is on my wishlist coz i've been looking for a black bag as well. Congrats on your great purchases. The shoes are just toooo cute. You have beautiful taste!!! :tup:
  8. cograts! love the bag!!!
  9. Omg awesomeness! That's the small one right? I touched one of the snowglams a while ago and yeah they are super soft. My heart is on the red medium though. And yay, now we're ballet flats twins!
    bshoes 002.jpg
  10. [​IMG]I changed my mind!!! I am going to exchange it for this one.(I need a bigger bag) OR do I try and get ahold of a LV mirage speedy in black. I do not need two black bags. I think this one I could dress up a bit more than the speedy Mirage..any opinions???
  11. Both are so cute.
  12. I like the medium better than the small and would also prefer it to the lv..I say go for it!
  13. Both "snow glam" bags are cute. The Gucci website says they are made of "dialux fabric" and patent leather trim. Also, don't think you have to carry a black bag when wearing a black dress. I think a bag in a different color, like red, looks good with black, too.
  14. ^^^ I can be a matchy girl with my shoes and bags...I know its so old school...but hey Im getting OLD!! I love red with black! LOVES~ I dont know Im really stumped on this one. Im going to exchange the small for the medium for sure, but I WANT the Mirage TOO!!! I adore the "dialux" fabric (whatever the hell that is!) and patent on the Gucci...its plush..so I have to have it! I may not even be able to score a black mirage anyway, as I was SURE I would not want one so I did not waitlist. Ofcourse now I want it...so the hunt is on!
  15. Please let us know how this fabric wears. I do think that it's pretty cool looking and feeling. It's always good to have a basic "go with everything" black bag. And as they say - "you're not getting old, you're getting better"! :smile: