A few new things arrived today! PIC

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  1. My Limelight clutch, and the medium sized agenda! I am TOTALLY in love with the agenda, and the Limelight will be a fun casual bag for me. Fun stuff!:nuts:
    pics 639.jpg
  2. :drool: Med size agenda are the best, mush more practical than small ring!! Limelight is great for the holiday season too, Congrats!!:yahoo:
  3. Great purchases and lvoe the Limelight especially.
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the agenda.
  5. Congrats! I have the limelight in copper, & I've had the med. agenda for around 10 years. lol. We seem to like alot of the same bags. The limelight is gorgeous. Enjoy!
  6. the Limelight is gorgeous..... :drool::drool:
    Modeling pic? :p
  7. Definitely fun stuff!! Love 'em both!!
  8. I'm in love with both!!! Where are the modeling pics? :graucho:
  9. That clutch is absolutely tdf! Love the agenda as well ... congrats!
  10. I love them, congrats! Thanks for showing the relative sizes. very very nice!
  11. LVoe the Limelight!!! Congratz!!!!
  12. wow they both look great especially the limelight!!!
  13. ahhh, They are bothe beautiful! congrats :]
  14. oh god, the clutch is TDF!
    modelling pics please
  15. love the limelight!