A Few New Spring/Summer 2008 Items are Showing up!!

  1. Ladies, as I promised, here are a few photos to tempt you until the final photos arrive on my computer from the Spectacular SA Casey:yahoo:

    Thanks for your patience :yes:
    alex.jpg snakeramona.jpg python tulittla.jpg closeupsneakysnake.jpg pewterclutch.jpg
  2. A few more....

    Here are a couple more Navy bags for you to try out Stinkerbelle :graucho:
    suededuffel.jpg suede.jpg zebrakey.jpg metallicpewter.jpg
  3. thanks robyn!!! beautiful!!!!
  4. Ooooh...nice!
  5. I'm liking the hobo. :yes:
    I'd love it in a biker with snake trim. :drool:
  6. yeeey!I love the navy bag! thanks!
  7. Woooh, I like the Alex!!:tup::heart::drool:
  8. I believe that's a Kasia. It's beautiful, but I can't tell if it's in pony again or something else?
  9. Goodness me, named the wrong bag. Thanks Bella!
  10. yes, i agree....lovely! :love:what is it made of?:shrugs:
    oh and thank you robyn!:flowers: i was not exactly patient though:upsidedown:....but i appreciate it all the same!:heart:
  11. I'm almost betting it's ponyhair.. the shine is almost like the previous alex in ponyhair. I think I would know coz I almost bought it.. ;)
  12. Is that a lock on the Alex? Wasnt sure if my eyes were tricking me. :shame: Chloe uses locks too. hmm interesting.. http://www.chloe.com/version_en/ See the winter/fall collection. I like the Alex but I'm not too crazy about the lock. (that is if it is actually a lock..?) Wow, that's a lot of Ls..:p

    The hobo's pretty though. :yes:
  13. So sorry Slip, that was my fault.... I called it the "Alex" when naming the photo. I had been taking photos of an Alex and spaced out. Bella is right, it is the Kasia:tup:

    Also, Casey gave some info on the Blue Suede bag:

    “Saba” bag in black suede for Spring 2008. Love the wide shoulder strap (very comfortable!) and flat bottom, which actually holds its shape surprisingly well for a hobo. It has already been photographed on Elizabeth Hurley and Katherine Heigl, and was featured in British Vogue this month. She’s a beauty!

    More to follow..
  14. I just spoke with Phyllis, SA at the JC boutique in Atlanta. They just got in their S/S 08 book - but no word on when the merchandise will come in. You can call Phyllis if you'd like; she is an excellent SA. 404-475-2800.
  15. Oh, I hope they do a Saba in something other than suede, because I really like the shape of that bag, but the last thing I need is another black suede bag. :p

    Thanks so much for posting Robyn! :tup: