A few new purchases :)

  1. I was lucky enough to find a pretty wallet at NR, received my dark grey MAM with GM hardware yesterday, and received my charcoal grey bf cross body today! :smile:

    Love my new items, but kind of worried about the handles on the MAM. They feel kind of loose or not as secure or substantial as the ones on my black MAM from this year. I'm not sure what year my dark grey MAM is but it has birdie lining. This bag was listed as excellent used condition so I'm wondering--was this a problem with certain MAMs? Should I be worried?

    I apologize in advance for the boring background (my couch) and poor lighting/photo quality ;)
    image-3388196128.jpg image-1246570498.jpg image-3865759026.jpg image-986650668.jpg image-2592139647.jpg image-2502778266.jpg image-2009205217.jpg image-3647973707.jpg
  2. You're such a lucky lady. I love all your things and the MAM looks really nice. Not sure about the handles..I am pretty new to RM. The purple wallet is also a stunner!!
  3. Congrats! I really like the dark grey with gunmetal! As for the handles, in my experience, MAMs from different seasons definitely have different handles. Some of my MAMs have softer handles and feel more loose, if that makes any sense. The old school RM's definitely had handle issues where they would become floppy over time, but I'm not sure about the ones from the season that your dark grey is from. I hope that helps a little, and I'm sure there are more ladies that can chime in! :smile:
  4. Ooooo your DG MAM is just gorgeous!!! I love it. Congrats!
  5. Lovin' the gray. The hardware combo with it goes so well. The purple wallet is also great!
  6. Nice choices! The purple wallet is a perfect pop next to your new grey bags. The DG MAM is from 2009. I don't recall hearing about handle issues with that season's MAMs, but I do know that the DG is a soft leather. Perhaps that's why its handles seems looser than those on your black MAM.

    The infamous floppy handle issue on old school MAMs that Denverite mentioned refers to actual bending of the plastic support tubes inside of the leather handle, and stretching of the leather near the handle base (causing the floppiness). I don't think you'll have that problem with your DG, so just wear her well!
  7. Great buys! :biggrin: Love that Dark Grey MAM! Sigh...I still kick myself in the behind for not getting one like that before.
  8. Thank you for info about the handles. I remember seeing some posts before about floppy handles so good to know about that.

    Yes the leather on the DG MAM is very soft, although I'm not sure why the color is called dark grey..because while it's not pale grey...it's not dark!! It's beautiful irl. I didn't have any grey bags and love the color so when I found two styles I liked...I had to get them! :smile:
  9. Thank you! They are my first grey bags. The DG is super soft and dreamy leather--and the color is def not dark grey. I'd say it's somewhere in the middle between light and dark grey. Perfect. I think you should get one :smile:
  10. Thanks for your help about the handles. Makes sense to me. I could just tell they felt different and remember reading about floppy handles and before I left feedback I wanted to make sure that it was normal for this bag.

    And yes, the GM hw is beautiful. My first bag with that hw. I wonder why more bags aren't made with it? RM seems to favor straight up gold :/ some color combos just don't look as great with it.
  11. aww such great color and looks perfect, i wish my bag was this perfect :sad: had to send my first RM mam
  12. Congrats on your goodies!

    The handles on this particular MAM are supposed to be like that. They are not floppy from use, they are just soft. RM did this on the MAMs for a minute and we hated it. I think she received awful feedback about them and switched to the more sturdy handles that we prefer. Don't be afraid to use your bag. They are secure, just soft.. Kind of feels good when you carry on your shoulder. ;)
  13. LOVE the grey and the color of the wallet is AWESOME!! Where did you get the gray bf from?
  14. Thanks! :smile: I got lucky and got some great deals on my new additions :smile: I got the BF from a seller on bonz.
  15. Thanks for your reassurance! They just feel so...weird! It's a beautiful bag though so I will just get used to it :biggrin: