A few new prices for mono French pusre, MC noe..

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  1. Just got back from LV, didn't get anything :crybaby: but remembered a few new prices:

    Mono French purse-$615 ($575 today, that's a 7% increase!)
    MC noe-$1590 (old price $1500)
    MC Trouville-$1400 ($1330)
    Mezz-$1080 ($990)
    Mono PTI-$495 ($485)

    :cursing: :cursing:
  2. OH my!!! I thought it was just going to be a 4% increase. I know when we went the other night the MC Alma was going up 4% and the Cabas Piano would be 4% higher. Wow, 7% is crazy!!!!:wtf:
    Thank you for sharing what you found out!
  3. Wow!:wtf: Thanks for posting!:flowers:
  4. wow, when i bought my Multicolore Trouville back in January it was only something like $1240 :wtf:
  5. These price increases are crazy!!!! 3 Price increases in one year is just....Greedy!!!!
  6. I have been waiting to get the updated French purse with 8 CC but they don't have it yet. I guess I will have to pay $40 more for it.:cursing:
  7. rawrr....and I wanted to get an MC trouville next! Anyone know if the European prices are going up to, or if its just us?
  8. My SA said this weekend the increase would be worldwide this time. :crybaby:
  9. oh man...thats some pretty intense price increase. the increase affects all bags right? or am i confused?
  10. dang it...the MC trouville is next on my list wah!
  11. ^ lucky I got mine already..
  12. MC trouville is also in my list too!!! :hysteric: