A few new pieces of history..... image heavy!

  1. (I'm cross posting from tfs)

    I'm going to do multiple posts...... since there are a TON of images, and I can't pick my favorites.......

    First! THE BEST!!!! This is hands down one of the most treasured pieces in my collection. Sent to me by a very very dear friend, I am just in absolute awe.......

    First season (Fall 2001) Le Dix, chocolate pebbled motorcycle tote!!!!!!!!!!! I just can not even begin to explain to you how insanely awesome this bag is --- it's just INCREDIBLE! The leather is this amazing, thick, textured pebbled leather -- with different pebbled variations, and a distressed pebbled feel. The color is so rich and beautiful, the flat brass is a perfect compliment against the chocolate tone... and the style!!!! The style is just wow, it looks so hot - and it fits everything! I love it so so so soooo much!

    I love the history of Balenciaga, and it is such an honor to own such an amazingly special piece!!!!!

    Enjoy the photos!!!!!!!!!!!
    PebbledLeDixToteFront.jpg PebbledLeDixToteDetail.jpg PebbledLeDixToteDetail6.jpg PebbledLeDixToteDetail5.jpg PebbledLeDixToteback.jpg Pebbled8.jpg PebbledLeDixToteDetail9.jpg Pebbled2.jpg
  2. this is gorgeous....you are a lucky girl
  3. How cool!! Congrats!!
  4. Such a cool bag! :heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks for sharing !:love:
  5. Thank you everyone :love:, I'm trying to get the rest of the photos up - but I'm on dial up so it might take a bit.

    In the meantime, I have to leave for dinner - but I'll be back with more photos, I promise! :smile:
  6. don't leave yet. i just emailed you!!!!!

    no dinner for mimi.

    congrats on the bag!!!! so happy for you.
  7. byMiMi, I'm in total awe of your whole Balenciaga collection. :amazed:

    The distressing on the pebbled leather is to die for!
  8. Wow, what a beautiful and unique bag! I wasn't aware of this style. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! :smile:
  9. 2003 Fall/Winter Lilac Hobo/Messenger with pewter hardware. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the color and leather on this baby! It's so awesome. It's this really washed vintage looking lilac, with a lot of gray undertones. The leather is incredible, thick, soft, and sooo wrinkly and perfectly vintage.

    This is becoming one of my favorite styles, its perfect - nice and big, and can be worn as a hobo or messenger, and everywhere in between since it has about 10 different placed holes so you can adjust the strap to your desired length and style!
    03LILAC3.JPG 03lilacside.jpg 03lilacside2.jpg 03lilacfrontleather3.jpg 03lilacfrontleather2.jpg 03lilacfrontleather.jpg 03Lilacbackleatherdetail3.jpg

  10. i don't think i have seen this yet. it is gorgeous! it may be my favorite even though i am not into pink/lilacs -- it is has the perfect vintage look. i really think this is my favorite style too. now i need one. :love:
  11. So interesting to see the evolution of the design. Thanks for posting these!
  12. ........... and finally better photos of my suede motorcycle hobo/messenger with pewter hardware -- I found out from Balenciaga NY recently that this was released in Fall 2002, which means that the suede motorcycle bags were the FIRST bags to have raised pewter hardware (in f/w '02 they were still doing flat brass on the leather bags, they changed to raised pewter hardware on the leather bags s/s '03)!!! This bag is so great... I love it, and now it's a piece of collectible history!
    '03SuedeHoboMessengerFront.jpg '03SuedeHoboMessengerSide3.jpg '03SuedeHoboMessengerFullView.jpg '03SuedeHoboMessengerBuckle.jpg
  13. OMG I haven't seen any of these combination of style/color, and definitely the first time seeing the pebbled leather 01 tote!!!!! What amazing pieces, MiMi!!!!! :love:
  14. Wow, just wow! Gorgeous bags Mimi, thanks for sharing with us!
  15. okay, I forgot this photo - and now I know why, I uploaded the wrong one - OOPS! but I just have to post this leather detail of the pebbled, it truly shows the leather wonderfully! :love:

    Chi, isn't it fabulous!? I really love this style so much, it's a great bag! Similar to the belted buckle in design (adjustable) - but bigger!

    Thank you again everyone for all of the love (my bags are blushing!) :shame: :lol: :love: