A few new lovelies

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  1. Wow rondafaye!!!!! You've been BUSY making some gorgeous Balenciaga purchases - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  2. Enviable collection Ronda....... :nuts: :drool: - I especially love your coin purses ;) :yes: !!! Thank you so much for sharing :love:
  3. :heart: You have the sweetest collection!:heart:
  4. love your Balenciaga pieces!!
  5. Ooo love the coin purses!! And your kitty is so cute :heart:
  6. Congrats, Ronda! I love the little goodies - the aulmoniere is too cute with its wee mirror! and the coin purses are adorable too - do you use them as wallets, or for another purpose? the steal-of-a-deal shrug is lookin' good too!
  7. I switch the coin purses out and them as a protection pouch for my Blackberry. I'm going to take photos of my entire collection later today. (The only bag missing right now is my ice blue first, which I sent to LovinMyBags last week. I wanted to see what they could do about the yellowish cast. I bought it for a super low price, but the yellowing and fading bothered me.)
  8. What a beautiful and unique collection!! love them all.

    And my favortie word for the day: kerfluffle!
  9. :heart: very nice collection! can't wait to see ur other pics...i know it's been posted somewhere in this huge huge bbag forum...but could u share how much the coin purse retails for? thanks!
  10. Congrats Ronda !!!
    I love all these b-goddies !!!!!!!
  11. Oh oh! Very good pictures! They are so clear, makes me appreciate the loveliness of your bags even more.
  12. Congrats!!! ur black first looks so pretty..the leather looks soft and so nice and i love all ur cute little coin purses :smile:
  13. Thanks, everyone! I do enjoy my bags -- and my cats!
  14. Really??? I need a coin purse then for my BB! I've been thinking what BB case to get, now I know. Thank you for this info.

    And I love your aulmoniere, I think you got it from the same seller who sold me my white aulmoniere. Wanna switch??? he he he
  15. Wow !! :wtf:
    What a great collection!!