A few new lovelies

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  1. Tomorrow, I will take a photo of all of my bags. (My husband has to go into work and I can lay them all out without causing a kerfluffle.)
  2. Wow you got some great deals! I LOVE them all especially your kitty!! :love:
  3. Rondafaye, Do you mind taking a pic of your Shrug tomorrow wearing it?:love:
  4. I hate taking photos of myself because I'm overweight . . . but OK, I will because we are all friends here.
  5. Oh it's ok Ronda...so am I :wlae:
  6. Awww, you are sweet and don't worry. I just wanted to see how it looks when you carry it on your shoulder. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.:heart:
  7. Don't worry . . . I really don't mind.
  8. ronda, they're greattt...
    your pics are awesome... love the cat on the background of the black first :yes:
    and i'm totally :drool:ing over your aulmoniere!
  9. I love your orange tabby kitty...:heart: AND of course, your collection of Balenciaga!!!
  10. Sparky is so pleased by your compliments. He sometimes feels outshined by his fellow cat-in-crime -- our part-Siamese, Blue. Blue is quite certain that she is the oustanding beauty in our home.
  11. That is hot.
  12. :heart: I love your collection! And I really love you furry audience member in the background with their paws crossed!!! I have one of those myself, and she is always laying there waiting to pounce on my tassles!!! Thanks for sharing your lovelies!!!
  13. love all your coin purses!!!! congrats on the new black 05 first!
  14. Nice collection!!! LOVE the first pic with kitty in the background!
  15. I love your little goodies :drool: :drool: :drool: !