A few new lovelies

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  1. I am really bad about taking photos of my collection. I gathered some of my latest lovelies to share. They include my new black 2005 first, my $399 steal-of-a-deal caramel shrug, and a few of the littler Balenciaga goodies (coin purses in olive, rouge vif and ice blue, along with a black toilet case, and my aulmoniere).

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  2. drooling here!1
  3. ohhh.......I think i need to add coin purse to my wish list. Such gorgeous additions!

    question, is your black makeup really a toilet case? It looks wider than what i thought the makeup bag was?
  4. Yes, you are right, it is a toilet case. Thanks--I corrected the error.
  5. oh such lovely things...
  6. I love your sweet accessories - epecially the aulmoniere - so cute!!:yes:
  7. soo cute, i love all your balenciaga goodies, keep up the goodwork! love your kitty also, I think we have twins lol
  8. I am in love with it all!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE the toilet case!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks, all. I just love taking them out and looking at them. The coin purses are a perfect Blackberry tote, BTW.
  10. Your caramel shrug is gorgeous. I never thought of the shrug before, but now...
  11. Love the kitty and your Balenciagas! Do you use your makeup bag/case a lot? I thought about buying one but not sure how useful it is.
  12. I haven't used it yet. I'm still admiring it in its pristine condition. I'll break it in sooner or later, though!
  13. I love your collection Rondafaye. The color on that camel shrug - :blush:

    I particularly love your olive coin purse. So cute in that color. Must I keep adding to my wish list? This forum is making me insane:nuts:

    Lovely bags. Enjoy.
  14. Love your collection.:nuts: Does the Shrug fits comfortably on your shoulder? Is it shorter than the Day? I was considering to get one few months ago but then i wasn't sure if i would like it. :s Do you mind taking a pic wearing it? Thanks.:love:
  15. :drool:

    your collection is AWESOME - totally LOVE the aulmoniere

    thanks for sharing pics!! :biggrin: