A few new Coach goodies (no reveal, just pics)!

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  1. I've been in love with this tote for a while. I bought one on the 'bay a few months ago, but it came in terrible condition. I've been watching for another one and won this one a week or so ago. It came and is in fantastic condition! If someone can tell me anything about it (price, name, etc.), I'd love to know more.

  2. A cute pink Heritage Stripe makeup bag that I picked up today at the outlet:

  3. Wow, I like that alot, never seen one before! Congrats on getting one it great condition!
  4. Another makeup bag - this one is big enough to hold the Epi-Pen I have to tote around (getting allergy shots), which I love - it's not loose in the bottom of my purse any more. The magenta lining is fantastic!

  5. A cute little clutch - I'm not 100% sure I'll keep this, but it was only $30 and I loved the magenta fabric, so I brought it home to think about. Does anyone know if this was originally from the full price store?

  6. The clutch has really pretty plum lining.

  7. I got a few more things today at the outlet that I'll post later, once they're all unpacked and photographed. I know that other tPF gals have said good things about Flossie at the Allen, TX outlet, but I have to say it again - she's amazing! She wrote down my wish list and said she'd give me a call if she sees anything. I'd really like a coral Penelope Shopper or a larger piece of the pink Heritage Stripe. I hope she's able to find something for me!
  8. Cool!! Nice haul! I haven't seen that first bag before! How long ago did it come out?
  9. I love this! Very cute:smile:
  10. It's got a creed that makes me think it's from 2004, but I'd love for someone to chime in with the definitive answer.
  11. nice haul! the satin clutch is so prettttttttty :smile:
  12. isn't that called the wave bag?? it's beautiful!!!
  13. wow, love the tote--I've never seen that before!! I'm glad you found one in such good condition after your first came so damaged. such a unique bag!! congrats!
  14. Pretty haul! I love the op art jewelry case! Congrats!
  15. You can call the Coach 800 and they'll give you the name, when sold , and retail price. I've done this with bags before.