A few new bags on sale at Net-A-Porter

  1. Thank you very much for posting this :smile:
    I've been wanting one of these for ages and just placed an order for 1 about 5 minutes ago :P
  2. Wow, congrats. And to get it at half price makes it even better. :smile:
  3. Yep, what a great price! I must confess that I ordered one this morning, and a marc jacobs dress on sale. :smile:
  4. awwww the marc jacobs dress that was $460 that's on sale for $186 is sold out in my size. of course. but thanks for the heads up!
  5. Im in the site now - bit scared to order one as just bought 3 new bags this week so am really pushing my luck. Has anyone seen this in real life whats the silver colour like?
  6. Have not seen it IRL, but the great thing about NAP is that you can always return it! oh, and if anybody orders today, the freeship2 code is still working, so its not even going to cost you any postage costs so you could always send it back for free! Go on, you might regret it if you dont!
  7. wow, that's really cool but i'm not sure if i want a silver bag. thanks for sharing though!
  8. Chloe babe

    I have never bought anything from NAP in the past - is their return policy easy and would I be able to return it if I am just not happy with it when it arrives?
  9. yes, it is easy as long as you do NOT remove the black tag!!. If you decide that you do not like it, you simply email them within 2 days of receiving it, and they email you a returns number, which you add to the waybill and you have a couple of weeks after that to send it back. It is a really easy returns policy and to send back is free too :smile:.
  10. thanks chloe babe - where will the black tag be? also how do you send it back? I read it was DHL do you just call them and they come and collect it? sorry for all the questions!
  11. no worries. Yes the tag is very noticeable! so you will not cut it off by mistake!!! and it is just to prove that it has not been taken out!

    Inside, they send you a page of instructions, and even fill in the airway bill for you. All you do once you have asked for the returns number is ring the DHL number that is shown on the page, and they pick it up from you from home or work (free of charge).
  12. Is Net-A-Porter more expensive than retail tho? I know there are several items there which they mark up the price......