A few new bags at Blue Fly this morning...

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  1. Good morning all -

    There are a few new goodies there right now - some turn-locks, camera bags, some new vitello shine, and that big beautiful black cervo that is still out of my budget on BF. :P
  2. Thanx for posting this..I was on BF this a.m. and was going to post but WORK got in the way...hehehe!! Didn't buy anything though....
  3. EMMY - I am having a fit for that brown turn-lock chain-handle bag. Even with the discount it's still $$ - but I have wanted it since it came out. Gonna need to get rid of a bag or 2 to justify this one, LOL!

    Did you see that gorgy cervo black bag - BF says its calf leather but we gals know better! I hope a TPFer gets her!!
  4. I know what you're going through...I have been in your shoes many times...Just when you think your collection is complete along comes another bag and all of a sudden you can part with something to make room for another one..How fickel are we!!! The problem I'm having now is I don't have any more bags that I can part with...I either love my bags for their ease of use or refuse to give them up b/c they were a smash hit for the season and they are still highly desired....post a pic of the bag you want if you can..are you going to get it? Sometimes things don't last too long on BF.....
  5. I had it in my cart but then just keep thinking of all of the camera equip. I am still in need of and just can't bring myself to buy it-even took it back out of my cart!!:wtf: