A Few more things before a shopping ban :-) Python Maggie in Light Brown


Pandora & Lush
Feb 9, 2009
i gave away the surprise in the title to the thread but that was just in case anyone was searching for the bag in the future it will come up in the search... anywho i have 2 awesome python bags and wanted a third so that i could have one in each color and style. this took some time b/c i didn't want to pay more than half price

i was on the outlet's "client tracker" for this but i walked right in today and saw it sitting all by itself just for me!

here is light brown python maggie 16506 to match my 2 bestest bags, putty carryall and denim large sophia..




No 6-month pin 4 me!
Mar 5, 2010
First off, SHOPPING BAN?!?!? Jenn , oh friend, say it isn't so!?!?! Would reading my siggy line help you change your mind on this?! LOL.

Ok, seriously, I love your python collection immensely and your fobs look great on them all, too. CUTE flops and beautiful framed wristlet, too.

But again, BAN?! Say it isn't so!?!

Enjoy your new stuffs!


Jun 18, 2010
Beautiful addition to your Python Collection! I love how you added the fobs to each of your python bags. They look terrific together. I also really like the Poppy Wristlet that you bought. The sequins make it look extra special but this wristlet is such a fantastic bag to take out for a fancy night on the town. Great choice with the flip flops too. Congratulations and enjoy. I hope you don't stay on your ban for too long ;)