A few more pieces of SS08 eye candy!

  1. This clutch is GORGEOUS and unique - I wonder if it would be durable, though, with all that loose leather for the CCs. Love the clasp closure.

    And the sandals are very cute, too!

    I took photos of my NM mailer, so sorry the pics are bad...
    Chanel 001.jpg Chanel 003.jpg Chanel 004.jpg Chanel 002.jpg
  2. [​IMG]


  3. omg that clutch is TDF!!!!!!!!!! i'd love to see it in person...thanks for sharing!
  4. i love the clutch! its gorgeous!
  5. fanaddict - what are you doing to me????! :upsidedown:

    that clutch is absolutely TDF!

    i hope someone at TPF gets this so i can live vicariously through her purchase. :p
  6. The clutch is gorg! But what a price tag :nogood:
  7. love it! but 2595?? :sweatdrop:
  8. thanks so much for sharing...
  9. Thanks for the pics .. It's kind of cute, but the price!!!
  10. Love both the sandals and the clutch! Prices are kind of ridiculous though.
  11. :love: that clutch ~ thanx for sharing *FanAddict*
  12. That clutch is FAB, it looks like interwoven pieces of leather making up the CC logos which would explain the pricetag. I would love to see that in person. :drool:
  13. OMG! I'm not a clutch girl but I could certainly become one for that clutch! Thanks for the pics!
  14. the shoes are really hot. dont understand the clutch so much.

    great pics!
  15. that clutch is cute, the price is not!