a few more pieces of eye candy while we wait for the reissues!

  1. a few chanels with a little edge ~ i :heart: them ~ what do you think? ~ i will post more pics as i get them
    vikichanel08hbags-14.gif vikichanel08hbags-15.gif vikichanel08hbags-16.gif
  2. I like the shape of the last one! oh and the color!
  3. you're right it has a little edge! looks like glamour chic! but the locks are big and looks like a door lock
  4. It does look like door lock! :lol:
  5. this one's a v pretty colour ~ & no door lock!

  6. I do like this one!
  7. Wow. They are pretty. Does anyone know how much do they run?
  8. Trendy1 has just posted the others i have ~ in her thread ~ nicer pics too!
  9. This color is so beautiful. Is this an E/W bag?
  10. IRL this bag was not shaped like that. It's not very structure and the sides were just flatted out. I tried to mold them so the sides could stay up but couldn't get it to stay and it just sticking out in the funny way. The leather and color are gorgeous though.
  11. [​IMG]

    Love this color! I am liking these "edgy" bags.
  12. i like the niddle one
  13. yes it is :flowers:
  14. is *edgy* the wrong word? ~ :lol: ~ i know what i mean! lol!

    how did you open the pic up? ~ i have to learn how to do that! lol!
  15. ^ Is that purple? :nuts: :love: