A Few More Pics From Teen Choice Awards !!

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  2. poor ashley olsen sitting near dirrty snoop. i like his music but the guy is dirty in a need-a-shower-fast way.
  3. Why do you say Snoop Dog is dirty?
  4. he just LOOKS like, so dirty, and when he came to vancouver a few years ago me and a few friends went to the afterparty and he - edited: did stuff- with my friend who was 16 at the time.. YUCK
  5. Ok... is it just me, or did Jessica Simpson seem a little "loopy"...recalling the antics of a certain Ms. Trimspa Nicole Smith? I am a big fan of JS, but lately in public (and on the radio this weekend while hosting for Ryan Seacrest) she is really ...slow? Off? Altered?
    She used to be likeable, but now she seems she is trying tooooo hard to be funny... so sad! Want the old JS back!
  6. Jessica Alba's hair is to die-for though!!
  7. ok gross. that is gross! he did stuff with a 16 yr old?!?!?!?!?

  8. Gross!
  9. jessica alba is so adorable!
  10. Keanu looks miserable :confused1:
  11. I love everything about Jessica Alba.