A few LVs or one Chanel?

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  1. I was saving for an LV speedy but then started to think I could just hold out longer and get a Chanel 2.55

    And now I can't decide what to do, love both the speedy and the flapover equally- but the speedy is much cheaper so could get a second speedy plus some smaller pieces for the cost of the Chanel.

    what would other people do, or have they had the same dilemma?

    And unfortunately, can't just get everything!!

    thanks ladies/blokes

  2. I think there are a few factors to consider:

    A Classic Flap is almost 4 times more than a Speedy, so how long would it take you to save for the flap, and how soon do you want to get the bag?

    What bags do you already have? The Speedy and flap are such different bags. Which one fills your needs better?

    Finally, Chanel's prices are going up very soon so you might want to get it now if you can.
  3. I much prefer the look of Chanel over LV so my vote goes for the Chanel!

  4. oops sorry i meant to say, i already have plenty for the speedy but would need to save longer for the Chanel- unless i was feeling particularly frivolous!

    i got paid for some freelance work i had forgotten about, hence extra budget to push for the chanel.
  5. The Chanel would be my choice without question. Timeless, classic and elegant. I just don't think you can go wrong with Chanel. I'd rather have one bag that I loved than several of another brand.
  6. Depends on your style. I can't pull off the Chanel flap. The speedy I can though. Also, I think the speedy is more of an everyday bag for me, but your style could be different.
  7. I agree here. I've always thought of Chanel as a dressier bag than LV, so LV fits my lifestyle better. I think the decision should be based on how you use your bags and whether they fit with your current lifestyle.

  8. this is good advice but i like to think i look good in both:P
    although my style is far more dressed down, i think the chanel can also work with casual layers if you wear them right.

    still can't decide! o what a terrible struggle is it to buy designer bags.
  9. what do you really see getting your $'s worth from?
    Can you see yourslef carry one over the other in 5 yrs, 10, 20?
    I don't like hand held bags at all so I'd go for Chanel.
    The flap isn't overly dressy and is really versatile as you can adjust the chain, wear messenger style. . .
    Us Chanel gals wear them everywhere. They can "chic" up an outfit quickly, even a clean white tee w/ cute jeans :biggrin:
  10. chanel
  11. I agree, very well said!

  12. I couldn't have said it better!
  13. I have two LVs and I never carry them. They have become so ubiquitous and the Chanel is so classy. I would definitely hold out for the Chanel!
  14. Since you might need to save longer for the Chanel..perhaps you can buy 1 Speedy now and when you are close to reaching your savings goal for the Flap..if you still want it, you can sell the Speedy to fund it? But by then, you might love the Speedy so much that you'd rather just keep it :P
  15. vuitton is more durable in my opinion!