A few little pretties from Charlotte...

  1. While passing through Charlotte, on the way home from vacation, DH granted my daughter and I some play time at South Park Mall. ( when DH is driving home from vacation, stops are few and far between!).
    We ran straight to Hermes and played for a little while. I found this plisse, my daughter got a twilly ( Passage a Tokyo in tan/white) and we decided to "share" this click clack.
    In my continuing (unsucessful) quest for the teeniest TPM? vespa, I went instead with the smallest Evelyn in orange epsom. Perfect for ballgames, trips to the movies etc, when I to be unencumbered by my larger bags and just carry the essentials.
    Here is a pic of my plisse and bracelet.
    DD and I had such fun and what a great way to break up an 8 hr drive home!
  2. Congratulations!! Love the plisse! So pretty. How old is your DD?

    the evelyne sounds great too!
  3. Congrats on your new stuff!!
  4. Congrats on your new stuff!!! Seems like you had a great time!
  5. Awwww I've seen the tiny (mini?) Evelyn IRL and she's DARLING. Congrats!!
  6. Soul, we were at the Charlotte store a couple of weeks ago. It's a very nice store! And you selected some beautiful Hermes.

    You might enjoy your tpm Evelyne more than the Vespa in the same size. Of the two I love the looks of the Vespa ( love the toggle) but, the Evelyne certainly will hold a bit more because of the small flap closure.

    Sounds like you had fun!!
  7. Love the plisse! Very nice!!
  8. What a great playdate! Your plisse is beautiful, and looks great with the clic-clac!
  9. The plisse is super cute -- Congrats!
  10. Congratulations on your lovely purchases.
  11. how fun, congrats on your pretty purchase!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Lovely choices! I think shopping to break up a long car ride is the only way to go.
  13. sounds like a fun roadtrip - especially the part where you stopped at hermes to play for a little bit! love everything!
  14. Pretty choices!
  15. Well put....very pretty!