A few Hefty Bags Would Have Done The Same Thing For A Lot Cheaper.

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. I usually like gathers, but thats too much. It just looks messy.
  4. lol Tyra can pull anything off. I love her!! I think she wanted to stand out.
  5. better in white on a wedding day. . . TOO much material!
    Also, I don't like the long bangs w/ something this over the top formal.
  6. She looks like a tacky Christmas ornament.
  7. such lovely material... ruined!!!
  8. more like a walnut whip!!
  9. I hate that dress...it is all wrinkled and just the wrong color and material...that is too bad!
  10. Tyra definitely knows how to work it! :yes: But a different dress would of been better I think!
  11. Looked ok to me, I wouldn't have worn it but it didn't look terrible. If anything I think it was a bit too dressy for that particular awards show.
  12. think she get paid big bucks to sport that thing?
  13. thats a bit tooo much
  14. OMG! What a hideous dress! Don't like her hair and make-up either.
  15. Def not my cup of tea!:tdown: