A few GPT questions

  1. I've searched every thread about it that I can find, but I'm still not turning up a good solid answer, so I thought I might ask :smile:

    What colors do the Garden Party leather/canvas bags come in, and what do the 35cm run in terms of price? (I think I saw an orange one somewhere here that is making me :drool:)

    At the same time, what is the largest size of the full leather Garden Party tote, and how much does it run? (I believe someone said the colors were brown, black, and a deep red? I think someone also said there were only two sizes of the leather one, hence request for the largest one's price ^^)

    Also, can these bags be special ordered? Though I'm guessing you need to be pretty buddy-buddy with an SA before you can ask that question :shame:

    Alternately, if you had to choose, which would you find more practical, the LV BH or the GPT? :biggrin: It would be for everyday, for the toting around of novels when I go to class and just my regular pile-o'-junk :p

    Thank you for any assistance!! :love:
  2. yes the leather comes in 2 sizes as far as i know the TPM and the TTPm ,mine is the TPM and i paid in 1200 pounds and it is quiet a big bag for me and fits a lot of things
  3. I have the potiron canvas PM GPT (35cm), which cost around around $1800 or so this past October. I also have a vermillon veau swift TPM tohu bohu (30cm), which I think cost $2300 or so this past November and a brown bolduc twilly TTPM (20cm), which was around $1800 when I bought it two years ago.

    The canvas ones that I've seen are olive, lime green, cranberry, rouge imperial, potiron, black, indigo and gray. They actually have some at a 10% discount on BlueFly.com.

    The largest size is huge (I swear it must have been 60cm or 70cm)!
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