A few goodies from my Boston trip!

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  1. Well as some may now from tr444's earlier thread, we met in Boston and as usual, had a great day! :yahoo: Love to be in the city for the holiday hustle and bustle of course...so here's what I picked up from the H store - not sure if either is going under the tree or not lol! I did place an order for a toile/natural barenia 30 birkin...hopefully I can be patient knowing it's going to be ordered in Feb! Of course I'm not good at waiting:sad: so time will tell...

    Well I can't seem to post my pics! What is up??!! Will try again..

    I realize one of these things is not like the other...however, I am so thrilled with this top by Marc Jacobs!! Just wanted to share, although you can't see the details but it's 3/4 sleeves (my favorite), and round neck and not too fitted to cover that extra stuff around the middle - and it's great!

    Boston trip! 003.jpg

    Boston trip! 004.jpg

    Boston trip! 005.jpg
  2. Nice loot! I love the scarf, what's it called? Cute top too and the charm, well charming!
  3. OOH! Just lovely! I adore that new scarf and Marc Jacobs has been putting out some darling tops lately!

    Barenia/Toile is one of my faves. So classic! Excellent choice!!
  4. Fabu new treats, Shoes! Congrats!!
  5. fab goodies, shoes!

    i simply love MJ!
  6. Shoes, Very nice! Congrats!
  7. Congrats, shoes! That's some nice loot. The pochette is lovely! The blue border, white background.. I just know it will look super when tied!
  8. :yahoo: Congrats!!! Love all of it!!!
  9. I have to dig the scarf out as it's supposed to go under the tree - but the thing I forgot to mention is this is a medium sized one. Actually 26x26...and easier to manage...not silky like the traditional ones (SA said cotton but maybe some cashmere?)..anyway...and the SA showed me a couple of other ways to wear it so it's great to have that hands on help...

  10. Thanks GT! I've always loved Sofia Coppola's style and as his "muse" as she's called, I can see this is exactly something she could wear...and was so excited with the colors and style! Oh and I did see a vermillion birkin IRL at NM which was a fun sighting - along with a GP tote elsewhere...what a fun trip!
  11. 26x26!!!! Please tell me more! Please model it for us. This could be my bridge between pocket square and full scarves.
  12. Ooh, nice! I actually really like that size. I have a silk/cashmere one in those dimensions, Zingaro, like Shopmom's only mine is black and cream. I find this size more user-friendly than the pochettes and is so light around your neck.
  13. It must be the same size -- it seems very much a nice something in between! It is very light and airy...there weren't that many though in this size...
  14. ^^ Yeah, my store hasn't got that many designs in this size either. A real shame coz I absolutely love it!
  15. It seems that this size in the Cashmere/silk blends are NOT pleantiful at all....next time I see one in a design I like, I'm grabbing it!!!!

    GREAT size and really easy to wear!!!!

    Beautiful pieces, Shoes!!!! I LOVE everything!!!!!!