A few goodies came in for me!!

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  1. My magenta classique & magenta wallet!!
    DSC01168.JPG DSC01319.JPG DSC01320.JPG
  2. My little coin purse (perfect for keeping my sidekickIII in so it doesn't get scratched!)
    DSC01308.JPG DSC01312.JPG DSC01313.JPG
  3. Grenat '06 Day :smile: :yahoo:The day is sooo comfortable on my shoulders :love:
    DSC01316.JPG DSC01317.JPG
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Great pieces you got there!!
  5. Wow, Congrats!!!
  6. Lovely... I like the sidekick idea.. I might do that with mine.
  7. Wow, you did do a bit of shopping huh? LOL

    Everything is so pretty.

    Congrats to you!

  8. So pretty! Is that blueberry? Did you get it at balny? I think I need one!:smile:
  9. OMG where did you find that magenta wallet! I'm so jealous. Congratulations on all your new things!
  10. Oooh I am drooling!! Congrats!!
  11. Pretty!! :heart:
  12. Congrats Bijou !!!
    I love your 2 Magentas !!!
  13. Wow! all this today?!?!:party: Great!
  14. Lovely!!! :heart:
  15. thank you ladies!! i wanted to share my excitement with people who know what it feels like to finnnnnally have all their goodies arrive haha

    the magenta wallet actually came in a few weeks ago, but i didn't post pictures because i wanted to take a photo with the classique next to it :smile:
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