A Few Elezar Bags Left!!!

  1. :rolleyes: I just received an email that they still have a few handbags on the website-as in one of each of them. I got the Boskin in navy and it is beautiful! If you are interested order them here for $75-normally $386-$395.

    If you have problems with the site email to Julie at:
  2. Which one is the Boskin? I don't see it.
    Can you post a pic or a link?
  3. Did you get the small boskin or the big one??? What do you think about the Cork Nathan??
  4. I got the small Boskin which still holds plenty. It looks like the wine colored one on the site except mine is solid navy-no two tone look. You can always email Julie to find out for sure what they have left because I tried to order one and it said they were sold out, but Julie told me that they had one of everything...:shrugs:
  5. what's Julie's email? I oredered the Nathan in White, Blue & Red but I'm rethinking to get the Wine Boskin instead-- since order is still pending. Are they accomodating?

    Also, how long is the drop-- does it look more like a messenger bag? Looks like the straps are pretty long. And did you pay shipping or is there a code?

  6. My total for the bag was $85-so they charged $10 for shipping-no tax. It was here quickly by USPS. You can try to reach her at-
    ELEZAR Handbags Attention: Julie

    As far as being accomodating-they've been very sweet to me. If you email her ask her about the colors that remain and remember that they are samples...mainly from photo shoots. Mine was in perfect shape-but I'd ask her about them.

    I don't know if you can reach her with this # 212.579.7122
  7. Got my order changed! Julie was amazing!!! Great, great customer service. Can't wait to have my bag!
  8. Terrific-hope you love it!:yes: