A few different styles...

  1. I was digging in the stock room today and found some interesting pieces. I think they are older styles. Does anyone know what they are called?



  2. oooh don't know, but that airplane one is cute and love that purple one
  3. I LOVE the red one, I see that pattern sometimes in Hawaii, it's like Coco Chanels favorite things or something, it has some kind of meaning I think......I actually would love to find one of those......I almost bought a credit card case in that pattern last year, maybe if I find it again I'll get it!
  4. I Love The Middle Purple One
    What Is The Retail Value And How Long Is The Chain.
    I Believe The Red One Is From Ss 06
    And The Airplane Is From The Summer Denim I Believe
  5. Love the aeroplane one. Saw it in April this year and loved it. But couldn't quite justify the price.
  6. How does your store decide when to get rid of old stock? I though Chanel required old items to be taken out of circulation. Do you often have old stock in the back room? How long does it stay lying around? How can it sell, if it's not on display, and no one knows it's there?

    Sorry for all the questions... I find this very interesting!
  7. That lilac one is gorgeous!!!
  8. It is $1650 or $1695. The chain is long enough to wear on the shoulder. I don't have an exact measurement but I can get that for you.
  9. I don't know how long the stock stays in the back before it gets shipped out. And I don't know when and where it gets shipped to either. I'm not sure what you mean if I often have old stock in the back room. No "new" old stock comes in if that's what you mean, it's just whatever is left over from previous seasons before the merchandises get shipped out. I really do not think we necessarily promote these back stock. Perhaps when someone asks if something from a certain collection is still avaliable and then we bring it out?

    I'm sorry I'm not much help with your questions!
  10. My friend has the purple one but in the black color really cute.
  11. Oh, you are helping... thank you!

    I thought Chanel had a more rigid system about getting rid of old stock, but I find it interesting that bags sit there for a season or two... or even three.

    Any other store would mark down the prices if the item is a year or two years old... but not Chanel.
  12. Ooooh, I really like that Lavender/Lilac purse!!! How much is it?
  13. love the jet purse ....

    thank u for sharinG =)
  14. $1695.
  15. :tender: