A few days until my Choo!Choo! (Riki)

  1. Hi ladies - I am a balenciaga addict who just bought her first Choo bag! I fell in love with the White Patent Riki today, it should be here in a few days. Wanted to ask the experts here - is White Patent harder to keep clean/care for than white leather?:sweatdrop:
  2. Congratulations!! Patent in general is easier to keep scratches off than calf leather which is really soft. If this is a new Riki it is a newer version of the patent than a older style that was more crinkly. The newer version shows fingerprints, etc. more but you can just wipe them off.
  3. Congratulations brunettetiger! 1st Choo, it's just the beginning! :graucho: Cheers!
    I agree with lionlaw. Patent is less maintenance than Calf leather (which I have). I have heard the same thing regarding the older patent versus the newer version. Either way, generally for Patent, wiping it off will do the trick! Enjoy her! :tup::okay:
  4. congrats!! it'll be your first of many more choos to come!
  5. Congrats brunettetiger! I agree I think patent would be easier then calf leather. I have a white Rikki in calf leather, I loooove it but it's been a hard road to keep it clean. Please post pics, good luck :flowers:
  6. I love patent leather bags! Post modeling pics when you get it!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations brunettetiger on your new venture into Choo Land:choochoo:
    I hope you love your new Riki and I am sure it will be the first of many:graucho:

    Be sure to post photos:tup:
  8. anyone else have the white patent in a riki or ramona? gosh the ramona looks huge in white patent! such a pretty bag I can't wait! I woulda been able to bring it home the other night when I bought it, but NM had to find me another one because the one I tried on had a pen mark on it that wouldn't come off. I hate when that happens...

    Anyhoo, thanks for the kind words and I will be posting her soon!
  9. finally, here she is!!! I just love the finish on this bag! The perfect pearly white that looks great casual and dressy:yahoo:. I can't wait to take her on her first outing!

    I was real careful not to rub her on my jeans....geez the things we go through for our bags!
    IMG_1429.JPG IMG_1430.JPG
  10. That looks great on you! Congratulations!
  11. Congrats! Looks great!
  12. Beautiful bag, congrats!!
  13. Congratulations...love the white. I have a Mahala in White. Enjoy her.
  14. YAY! Choo #1 looks great on you. Wear her in good health.
  15. congrats!