A Few Coach Goodies On Sale @ Macys *Ninja Pics Inside*

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  1. I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night and *had to* pass by the handbag section on our way there... I was surprised to see so little, until I overheard an SA say pre-sale :thinking:
    I don't shop at Macys that often anymore so I'm not in the loop, but it may be worth checking out no?

    :ninja: Here's what I spied @ SF Union Square:



    In retrospect, I'm kind of liking that light pink bag on the lower left :sneaky:

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  2. Wow! I don't have a Macys here...and our Dillard's has a fraction of the wristlets in that 30% off bin!
  3. Eye spy a ocelot capacity that I want hehe
  4. i want that ocelet wristlet!!!
  5. Wow, my macy's only has a fraction of that stuff!!
  6. ahhh me too!!! so gorgeous!!
  7. Wow! My Macy's never has Coach on sale.
  8. I love the ninja pictures! :ninja: Hahhahahhh... you are a true Coachie ninja, and have definitely tempted me to swing by Macy's tomorrow... (!)
  9. Man alive.....everything our Macys has is ALWAYS in a glass case....rarely is anything out and if it is its strapped down!!
    I too want that ocelot wristlet...lol!! :smile:
  10. Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Macys and the wristlets are sold out :shucks: Poo.
  11. me three!!!
  12. wow ..mind you I have only been into 3 different Macy's ,, but I have never seen a table so full of COACH stuff.. i am drooling ...............
  13. i was thinking the same thing when i saw that table with all that stuff just kind of tossed on there.......
  14. Wow, all the stores I have access to combined together don't have that much stuff.
  15. I always love your ninja pics!!! Thanks for posting!!! I have to say WOW, my Macys stores NEVER look like that with so much stuff. They also strap everything down or lock them in cases...guess you can't be too careful in NJ! :P