A few classics vs. Mixture of classics & seasonal, plus more!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I wanted some input on this topic.

    Do you prefer to have a few classic pieces or to have lots of lots of bags to choose from?

    I don't have a big collection but I'm thinking about downsizing to only a few pieces. Will I regret this later? LOL

    There are a few reasons for this:

    1) A lot of my bags don't get any use

    2) I could put the money towards other things

    3) I'm getting older and my tastes are changing

    Anyone else going through the same situation? What have you decided to do?

  2. as for me i don't own many bags as well but i normally go for all the classic pieces as it's evergreen and will nvr be outdated. in fact i sold most of my bags due to i hardly use them and only the few classic bags are still with me and yes! you will have more $$$ towards other things like nice watches or jewellery, JMO;)
  3. I like have a few pieces that I absolutely adore. I have 5 now and honestly can't think of any others I want...
  4. Yes! I'm thinking of paring down myself, but there's a few I can't bear to part with (sentimental--first "designer" bags purchased & so forth)! However, I'm also thinking of making an investment in an H bag.
  5. It's good to keep a couple of classic bags, an everyday bag and a perfect clutch. Try to sit on it for a couple more weeks. If you do feel that your tastes are changing and 100% sure you're not going to regret selling them and that this isnt just a phase, then DO SELL!
  6. I agree, I'd much rather have a few bags I adore than a closet full of ones that rarely get carried. I've gone from many bags to just 7 and two "pochette/clutch" type bags. Sometimes I wonder if that's still too many. But I absolutely adore them and try to rotate two or three per week.
  7. I would like to have a mix of classic and LE, but the LE pieces can't be too trendy. In all, I wouldn't want to have more than maybe a dozen bags that I used regularly. Maybe I would have some extras for special occasions or sentimental purposes.
  8. I dont have too many pieces yet, but i want the mono speedy and bh. im sure i wont get many more bags then just the classic ones just to assure me that they would never go out of style :tup:
  9. I like to have few classic pieces that I really LOVE and USE.
    I am not into collecting either. I too am growing older and I feel that my taste is changing etc...
    So, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to donate some gently used bags (coach) to a charity centre for women...
  10. i'm in the same boat as you are! i want a chanel!
  11. I've been downsizing lately. I'd prefer to have several that I really like and use often. I had a crazy amount at one time but little by little I'm getting rid of them. I want luggage...lol
  12. I did the same thing last Jan. I totally paired down and am now doing one final swoop. In the past I have bought several bags a year...this year my goal is to make practical purchases that I will want to keep a lifetime.
    I have four LV's : A Black Epi Speedy, A Mono Speedy, A Red Alma, and the Madeleine GM in Black. All I really need is a classy clutch.
  13. My rule is Love it or Leave it. Now, I understand that it’s easier said than done, however it has really paid off for me. I am a college student and I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a few luxuries here and there. I think that as far as handbags go, there are a few staples every girl should have; all the others are just wants, or trends. If it’s not a classic, you don’t wear it, and you can’t imagine wearing it a few years down the line then get rid of it.
  14. Now that I'm 30 years old, I always ask myself before buying a bag if it will still look good on me even when I become a grandma. So I guess I'm now leaning towards classic bags. I'm also thinking of limiting my collection. I used to have a very long wish list, but now that I have bought almost 10 of them, I'm quite satisfied already.
  15. ohhhhh watch out!!!!!!

    i had a love affair with Chanel and it wasn't pretty...........

    i've been there.....and i came right back to LV AFTER purchasing two Chanel bags and a few small stuff....! LOL

    i had a serious re-bound session and binged on some more LVs (recently) ---- my plan of 'down sizing' didn't work and ended up costing me (and my DH and our baby daughter!) lots and lots more~! sure enough, i couldn't sell any of my LVs (i knew i was gonna regret later on) and i actually pulled out some of my bags that i hadn't used in a while (only to realize WHY they've been sleeping in my closet for so long...lol) --- and i decided that i'm one of those people who cannot let go of things and keeping them all~:tup:

    so my advice ---

    KEEP 'EM!:yes::heart::tup: