A few CHANEL pics from InStyle March '07

  1. Chanel flats:

    Those cute peeptoe flats in yellow! LOVE that silver peeptoe!
    Yellow is proving to be a big trend for S/S

    Chanel medallion necklace:
  2. Awesome!!! thanks for posting!!
  3. thanks for posting! i just got my issue of Instyle a few days ago too
    I liked the "Chanel's her thing" clip about Mischa Barton...how I would love to have her collection :nuts:
  4. I have not read through the whole mag yet- I'll have to check out that article!
  5. thanks for posting!
  6. Love the necklace!
  7. Thanks for the pics!
  8. Thank you for the pictures! I love those shoes!
  9. Whhhaaattt! Did I see something Chanel that is $100!? ~~~~Whoa!
  10. Ha ha, it's $170, but hey, that's still a bargain! :p
  11. thanks for the pics
  12. Here's that Mischa Barton feature:

  13. thanks for posting the pics.
  14. OMG I love Mischa's blue Luxe Bowler!
  15. Argh! My March issue has yet to arrive. Thanks for posting!