A few Bday gifts *PICS*

  1. Loving my new wallet!!! It carries a TON. This is my second pair of Tom Ford glasses. I LOVE the way they look and feel (so I asked for another pair in a different color!):nuts: Last pic is of my sister in law and I on our way out the door to dinner with our husbands...great night.

    oops pics did not download...let me try again....
  2. I can not get them to upload....not sure why?
  3. c'mon Sunshine!

    Are you trying to attach them w/ the paperclip?
    Are they 195kb or smaller {jpegs}?
  4. I want to see!! :hysteric:
  5. go figure....I have posted a million pics on here and I can not get them uploaded!!! I will keep trying...:hysteric: :hysteric: :shrugs:
  6. Pics pics pics pics.....
  7. it worked!! CONGRATS, and happy birthday!
  8. Sunshine, thanks for the pics but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blur out your license id number. You never know WHO is lurking on this board. Hurry!
  9. I LOVE the groom wallet! I just got bought THE SAME one too!
  10. Beautiful stuff! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. =)
  11. sunshine-

    i LOVE those sunglasses...tom fords seem really nice and understated...GOOD CHOICE!
  12. I agree with LVuittonLover!!!

    And you look great! (Gifts too, of course)