A FEW 1/2 Price Items Left in Chicago!!!

  1. Okay Choo Girls, there are a few great items that just got transfered into the Chicago Jimmy Choo Boutique store :yahoo:

    Go grab them while you can!!!!

    A Purple Shaded Ayse (I think $1600.00)

    A Wildcat Alex (I think $1600.00)

    Purple Python True (Around $1600.00) (like JBurgh's)

    and a Black Pony Alex - $1612.50 (my favorite)

    If you don't have a Choo store in your state it is tax free:woohoo:

    Go Grab these poor lonely babies :crybaby: and give them a home :yes:

    Call Casey @ 312-255-1170 NOW!
    Aysebluepython.jpg Alexanimal.jpg trueplmpyth.jpg Alex_pony_detail[1] (2).JPG Alex_pony_side_detail[1].JPG
  2. robynbenz - is this the list before or after you placed your order??? :graucho::choochoo::devil:
  3. I am being good :angel: (for now :graucho:)
  4. :roflmfao:LOL!!:roflmfao:

    And this being good part started when?:p:graucho:

  5. You were bad a couple of days ago!!!:whistle: I can't wait to see the pics...don't you have the Mahala in EB?

  6. No, I never got off the fence because I kept thinking it was going to go on sale and then it was gone :wtf:

  7. I forgot.... There was also a Studded Ramona hald price and a couple of others, but here is the studded Ramona!
    studded Ramona.jpg