A Fendi for my mom

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  1. I asked a question somewhere else in the forum, but than thought about it better and it was in a wrong place.

    So here goes:

    Posts from the other thread:

    Do you think this one would be a better choice?
    My mom's going to be 53 and she has always been a Fendi fan while I'm obviously lost :confused1: :sweatdrop: in this chapter. However, I do think the Fendis on the site are bargains...so will be more than grateful if you can help me out here.
  2. stay away, their bags look fake
  3. I agree with Daisyfay, these bags are all CRAP!!:cursing: I think your mom deserves better...
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    How do you know a fake from a real?
    Meanwhile I did some research on my own and found similar prices in some weird-looking websites. I've bought stuff from Silkfair before(not from this seller, though) and had no problems.

    @baglady.1 she does deserve the best (but I don't have a huge budget) this is why I turned to fPB :smile:

    oh, and your cat is lovely, has beautiful eyes.
  5. :smile:I think a Fendi bag would make a great gift for your mom. Check out Bluefly, Neimans, Eluxury, Jomashop for authentic bags and a big selection. Then post some pics and we'll be glad to give our opinions
  6. The only one that fits my budget is this one from Bluefly.

    My personal favorite is Selleria Pomodorino but it would take me quite a while to save for that beauty.
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  8. To many more, Lorebunde! And thank you for the tip. I'm 90% sure I'll go for the Fendi Mama Miniblack Zucchino Baguette (the 3rd in the first row) in the link you suggested.

    The form is similar to what she likes and black fits anything, so I can't be wrong :P
    Hee hee, thank you so much!!
  9. Oh, I'm happy I could help. Since I can't shop much now, it's fun to shop for others, lol
    I hope she likes it and it's even less than the other bag. I'm just wondering about the size. Hopefully, it's a decent size. Let us know if she likes/loves it!
  10. Just a quick update, sorry I didn't reply sooner --- things were quite hectic here.
    A big thank you for Lorebunde - my mom got what she wanted due to you and your awesome advice.

    I even made a couple of pics - but 1) they are kind of blurry and 2) I don't know how to upload them (will look more when I have better pics)

    Anyway, the whole point of this post is to say a BIG THANK YOU! for helping me out. I wish you saw how ecstatic my mom was when she got the present :smile: I hope I can return the favor.
  11. so happy you were able to find a suitable affordable fendi for your mom - the baguette is a classic style and she will get a lot of use out of it - and sounds like you made her a very happy birthday gal!
  12. I'm so glad she loved it! I checked your thread ocassionally so glad you gave us an update! Can't wait to see pics:smile:
    I'll be glad to help you anytime, lol