A fellow TPFer has become an enabler ... she convinced me to buy this!!!

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  1. I fell in love with the Canary Bleecker but wasn't sure if it would be a good bag for me. A fellow TPFer (and you know who you are) has told me this is the best bag ever and that I should take the plunge. I had to return something to the outlet today and I spotted these two goodies. The purse had just been marked down a bit more. I think the small size is perfect for me! I live in jeans, even for work so this is a really practical purchase for me. I carry my backpack with my computer around a lot so this will make me hands free!:yahoo:

    I have a 25% off coupon with Jax due to shipping problems o my last purchase so if I end up loving this bag I am going to see if hubby will buy the yellow one for me for my birthday! He tends to not to like to support my bag habit but with the discount and all he may cave. :angel:

    The coin purses just hit my outlet!
  2. I love it, lucky you!!

  3. is that the "ink" color?
    its prettier than i thought it would be.
  4. That is a beautiful Bleeker Ink Duffle! Congrats! You will really love that
    bag and the ease of wear. Now go and rock that bag!
  5. Ink is gorgeous, I am glad you found that color :love:
  6. NICE! :drool: I LOVE the ink bleeker, it is a great colour!
  7. you will love the Bleecker!!!
  8. That ink bleecker is very beautiful!
  9. You are so lucky! Congrats
  10. NICE COLOR!!! I got my mom the khaki/black siggie
  11. Beautiful!! The Bleecker Duffles are so comfy! I picked up the ink at the outlet a few weeks ago!! You will love it!!!