A feel good thread: what is your best body part?

  1. Hi girls (and guys)

    I'm quite new to this Area, I usually lurk in the dior/balenciaga and celeb section but I've been reading alot of stuff here and I think that many of you, including myself, are too picky about our bodies. I was just reading up on the smaller calves thread and I think that having muscular calves is a good thing! So why do some women loathe their calves so much that they would want to have surgery?

    So I'm just starting this thread so we can focus on what good things we DO have instead of just stressing over things that we don't like about ourselves...

    SO please share with me what do you or other people think is your best body part? And post pix if you want! Its a great and fun way for us to know each other! But please keep it clean

    For me, I usually get compliments on my legs, I have really really long thighs which I don't like but other people think is nice. I wish my calves are longer and my thighs are shorter... I was actually quite obsessive about them when i was younger and looked into getting surgery (but of course I don't think there is such a procedure)


    that's me in the middle... and you can spot my long thighs
  2. I can't see your pic:sad:
    Could you attach it for us?

    My favorite body part is my legs:biggrin:
    I have small ankles and never carry weight there, surprisingly!

    I think I have one pic, it's not close or anything, but they're there! LOL!
  3. Swanky you look like Pamela Sue Anderson in that pic. No fair. Well, I like my legs, having been a college gymnist and now playing ice hockey and such they are still good. I like my hair too, although that is not officially a body part.
  4. LOL! I wonder if that's a compliment?:p
  5. ^^Yes, she is actually quite stunning when she scrubs that crap off of her face!!
  6. Definitely my boobs....
  7. then in that case :love:!!! LOL!
  8. Can we see 'em?

    Just kidding..
  9. I guess my legs b/c they allow me to do my triathlons and I thank them everyday for "working" and not getting injured:p ....and also I guess my abs...


  10. you rock Cass!
  11. I've got some rockin' calves. I guess my legs in general! This is a great positive thread, thanks for starting it.

    Cassidy, I'm envious of what you do. You go girl!
  12. mew-np... I think that sometimes we should appreciate what we have instead of get depressed over what we don't have and think we should have!

    cass-whoa HOLY abs! (and what's your tat of?)
    My tum is always my weak area no matter what I do it's always soft... but I've made my peace with it... I'll just never run around in bellybutton tops

    Swanky mama-are you sure u've had 3 kids because you sure don't look it! Your daughter has a very cute and healthy body too! I'm sure she's an active one! My nieces and nephews (although they are under 10) have really pudgy stomachs since they sit around drink pop and play video games all day!

    oh and a weird comment: I like having small boobs! 32B Anyone else? I just found out that a friend of mine spent 200$ at Vic's just on the extreme push up bras...
  13. I have 32Bs too...and even though they're slightly asymmetrical and on the pancake-y side due to having 2 babies, I still like that they are petite. :smile:

    I like my nose, delicate wrists, and the shape of my forearms. Other than that, there's honestly not much else I like about my body at the moment!
  14. Swanky - GREAT legs! good for you!

    can't say my legs are my best area (NOT disastrous either so I can still wear J brands) but I am an hourglass shape and like the rest of my body when I am at my ideal weight. Also, I have stopped obsessing which, let me tell you, is a very good feeling.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: