A favour please?

  1. I am debating to whether to buy a alma, a jasmin or a speedy. All epi.

    I already have a epi speedy in fawn and it is absolutly my favorite shape, as I normally only use large bags and don't dress preppy most of the time. My dress style is quite boho, long flowing skirts, skinny jeans with vintage-y dress over and loadsa necklaces.

    I am wondering if I should venture into the jasmin or alma ground or stich to a speedy that i know and love.

    Does anyone have pics carrying a jasmi and a alma (not together obviously- lol!)

    It would be sooo helpful!

  2. If you love the shape..I say stick with it..in diff colors and stuff....
  3. I don't have an Alma, but I do have an epi mandarine Jasmin. I don't have pics of me carrying it though. It is a gorgeous bag and IMO it holds quite a bit. Here's some pics.

    I also have a red epi Speedy 25 that I love. If you already have a Speedy why not go for a different style?
  4. I say go for the Jasmin. It's almost like a speedy but different enough in shape and it has that little something special that Boho girls like to wear.
  5. I would say go with the speedy, but if you want to try something different then go with the jasmin.
  6. Go with the jasmin. The alma looks too professional to me.
  7. another vote for the jasmin from me.
    its not too big and it fits a decent amount of things

    what colour were you thinking of getting?
  8. Same one I have. I love the shape and you're right, it does hold quite a bit. More than I thought it would at first.
    So I say go with the Jasmin :smile:
  9. Lilac! I thought it would be ideal for the summer. Thank you everyone for your input.
    One more thing, I appreciate that they are completely different shapes but would you say the speedy 25 and the jasmin are the same size?
    The jasmin is more sturctured and can be used as a night bag, and occasion bag and a day bag. The speedy can only be a day bag.

    Mmmm my fiance also said the jasmin (i'm turning him into a lv-head!). I am still a little worried it will be too small, I think im going to have t pop into the store tomorrow. Look how unhappy I am about that:lol:
  10. I'm thinking they're relatively the same size but it depends on what you plan on putting in it. I would def go w/ the Jasmin if you already have a Speedy...expand your collection a little! ;)
  11. Jasmin! My mom has it,and she loves it!.. tommorow I will get a picture of me carrying it =D..its black..
  12. Thanks! that would be great!
  13. Since you already have the Speedy shape, go for the Jasmin. I like that the shape isn't that common, plus, as you say, it would also work for a night out.

    Not a fan of the Alma in Epi. IMO, looks too plain.
  14. I completely agree with Jenna. If you already have a speedy, then go for jasmin. I love it very much because it's very elegant to wear. Mine is black and I can easily wear it for business or casual occasions and I get tons of compliments on it.

    I think the Lilac color would be a fantastic choice and I second that it holds more than you'd think!

    here's a pic of me and my bf, the jasmin is at the bottom right corner.
  15. sorry guys, I edited the picture and photoshoped our face out. I probably shouldn't post his picture online without letting him know. I feel weird cropping our head out though. :blink:

    Anyways, the bag should be the center of the attention:nuts: