A favorite: The DRUM in SORBET & OUTREMER - Comparo pics on 2 & MOD shots on 5!


Leather brrraaiined.
Mar 19, 2007
Hello my lovelies! Been bitten by the Drum bug. :biggrin:

Thought I would share, in case any of you are in search of a smaller bbag for spring and summer, but can't carry around the First since it doesn't hold much.

Primary reasons for loving this bag so much are:
  1. It can hold a ton. Nearly as much as a City and about double the amount of a First. I suppose due to its cylindrical shape, it fits my whole life!
  2. The corners are "rounded" - so they don't really bump into things which prevents scuffing. Hooray for unscuffed corners.
  3. I'm 5'3'' tall and I love the way this bag sits at my side using the shoulder strap. It sits right about where the First sits (instead of much lower like the Twiggy and PT)
  4. Not a fan of the Twiggy since it looks like a duffel bag, but the Drum's length is juuust right. A good alternative for those who don't like how awkward Twiggys can get at times.
Here's some photos to of my new Sorbet and Outremer Drum (which was received last week). I am taking a strong affinity to the Drum in bright colors. :nuts::nuts:

I'll be back with comparison photos and mod shots later on in the day.

Thanks for letting me share!



Leather brrraaiined.
Mar 19, 2007
^^ Thank you, LG! I really love it. Been missing a pink in my collection for over a year now and I'm happy to invite this little piece of ice cream on in.

The color is pretty close to real life, but the pictures look better on my phone than on the screen? The leather, wow the leather is really saturated and nicely textured. Very happy with the new Sorbet.


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May 26, 2006
Home on the Range
Hot esp with the hello kitty charm.... love the outremer too! hmmmmm... still lovin hte part time..... but, am going crazy for sorbet....nice.


Dec 4, 2006
Rere: Congrats! Both of your bags are great! Enjoy carrying them!
I especially love the Outremer!


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Apr 1, 2007
by a sand castle
Interesting you say it can carry so much more than a first from the pics I wouldve said they are roughly the same size. I havent seen a drum irl, so this thread is very informative! great pics, your sorbet drum looks gorgeous! congrats on both!