A Fashion vs. Practicality Dilemma

  1. So... I'm going to Paris in October for 8 days!! We are renting an apartment on a charming street about a five minute walk from the Eiffel Tower for our stay. Anyway, I'm thinking about my bags and having a dilemma.

    I'm planning on bringing just some basic black pieces, pants, a skirt or two, one or two jackets and shoes of course. I plan on a shopping frenzy! About the bags -- I have a brown Coffer and a black Gauffre satchel. I'd LOVE to bring the Coffer because the outer pockets are fantastic -- but I'm wearing a lot of black... The Gauffre is beautiful and would "look better" but not sure about it because of no outer pockets and -- I don't want to chance ruining it wearing it all over, everyday.

    What do you think? Would the BROWN Coffer look "off' with a basic black wardrobe? should I just suck it up and wear the black Gauffre? Should I bring both bags? (a bit of a pain I think)

    Any other suggestions, thoughts...?

    Thanks for your opinions :smile:
  2. Well, I personally say that there's nothing wrong w/ wearing a brown black with black clothing..sometimes it's all about how you carry yourslef.

    I would also not worry too much since you're obviously going on a shopping spree and you might want to show off your new purchases while you're there. I personally couldn't go a day w/o at least taking a new purchase for a test run:p.

    Have fun though and both are wonderful bags!!!!
  3. Shoot Minnette..This is a tought one..I personally wouldn't bring either..I wouldn't bring the coffer b/c it's brown and I don't carry brown w/ black...It's JUST ME...and I wouldn't bring the gauffre..the black e/w, right? -Because that bag isn't a 'shopping spree' bag for me...I baby mine when I carry it and have to be careful about it rubbing on my clothes when carrying her messenger style b/c of the delicacy of the leather...Mine is 'cera'..yours is black, so you can get away w/ alot more wear and tear but still...she's a beauty and I wouldn't want to damage it in crowded areas, rain, airports etc....Don't you have a nylon Prada you could bring that would match what you're wearing? I love the Prada nylons for this reason...you don't have to worry about them, and you can be less careful w/ them...you want to enjoy Paris & shopping!!! --Not have to worry about your bag...Did this help or am I being too anal...!!!??
  4. I think brown and black look great together, definitely take the coffer, as I bet you'll love that you can use it messenger style during a long day of going all over the city.

    Only thing, your coffer is leather, not suede right? It rains a lot in Paris so I wouldn't take it as your only bag if it's suede.
  5. Thanks ladies! Emmy -- No, I don't have any nylon Pradas :sad: I'm thinking maybe the Coffer and another lesser brand something or other... will have to think on this coz agree about the Gauffre being too delicate.
    I'm OK with brown and black -- I think! Ack! Who cares -- I'm going to paris!
  6. I definitely wear black and brown together if the tone matches -- and I wouldn't take a delicate bag -- you don't want to be worrying about your bag when you're on vacation.
    I cannot wait to see shopping spree pics -- how fun !!
  7. I think the nylon Prada is an excellent idea. Bluefly has had quite a few of the newer styles recently and the prices have been great. The fall nylons are mostly black bags, so no "matchy" problems, it will take the abuse of travel, weather and shopping. Save your Coffer and Gauffre for the comforts of home. ;)

    PARIS!?!?!? You little Ho! I'm sooooooo jealous!!! :greengrin:
  8. I think nylon Prada would be great.
  9. Bring the coffer, go straight to a Prada store when you get there and shop away!