A FAREWELL SHOPPING TRIP (opinions needed)

  1. ok ladies and gents, it seems my move out of hk is imminent (either back home to manila or a new job posting elsewhere in asia- due to dh's job, of course). knowing that i will not have that many lv stores anywhere else in the world, i want to go on a "one-time, big-time" lv spree! here are some bags and accessories that i've been lusting after:

    saleya pm in damier ebene
    trevi pm
    neo cabby mm (black)
    suhali lockit pm (white)
    black mc eliza
    vernis zippy wallet in either perle or amarante

    if you were me, what would you buy? :confused1: the saleya and eliza? the eliza and zippy wallet? or the saleya and zippy wallet? or one major bag (cabby/suhali/trevi)?

    i know this won't be my last lv fix but it will be a long time before the next one. i am probably moving out of hk in 2 months' time. sorry for giving you tons of options but i am really needing your help on this one. any suggestions would be welcome. thanks!
  2. Trevviii.. it's such an awesome, versatile bag. And I fear less for it than the cabby since it's coated.
  3. I would get the Suhali Lockit :yes:. Might as well get something extravagant since you want a big time LV Spree.
  4. Ditto here. Get the Suhali Lockit!
  5. I think you should get the neo cabby mm it is so elegant!!
  6. I'd get the lockit. It would be a wonderful reminder of your time in Hong Kong!
  7. The Trevi PM or the
    Suhali Lockit PM...
    2 bags that I love!!
  8. Trevi PM & Zippy Wallet!
    Or Suhali lockit & Zippy.
    But i think if you should get the zippy get it in Amarante just beacause of colour transfer or something.
    Perle is Gorgous but it would worry me.
    Don't forget to post pictures!
  9. I would go for the Neo Cabby MM :yes:
  10. Neo cabby MM...love mine!!! OR the Trevi PM....this is gorgeous!
  11. I think the trevi and amarante zippy wallet. Good Luck with your move.
  12. another vote for Suhali Lockit :tup:
  13. Suhali Lockit!
  14. Neocabby Black Mm.........gorgeous........first Choice By Far....unique
  15. If you can do 2 then the Trevi PM and the Suhali Lockit
    if only 1 then definitely the Lockit - will always have a special place in your :heart: and will commerate your stay in HK!