A Fake nicer than the real thing?

  1. I am sure I am going to take a beating for even thinking this but let me explain...
    I compared a fake Silver Miroir Papillion to the real one, side by side, and I am shocked and confused but the fake was so much nicer than the real one. The fake is a Vernis like Patent leather, the one I saw and thoroughly inspected was very well made, very nice sturdy stitching (not a drop of glue that I could find and I almost had this thing turned inside out) and overall, a very nice looking, very well made bag and the real one (both bags 3 weeks old and used frequently) while there was no comparison to the "mirror" shine effect, the stitching almost looked like it was frayed or the threads were looser than the fake and the handles were bumpy and creased. I wanted this bag so much, thought I was getting it for Christmas but didn't and have been contimplating one from Let-Trade but now I don't have the slightest urge to own it anymore. I am wondering why and how a fake could possibly be nicer than an authentic? I know this is a different situation from the usual real vs fake situations...please don't crucify me but I like the fake so much I am wishing I could get it in a smooth version without the logo cause I'd so much rather have that bag.
  2. :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs::shrugs: but your baby is cute
  3. OMG!! Are you sure?? How it'd happen to LV? May LV decrease the quality by so much bags they have to produce? but I really really hope it's just a nightmare... So, do you have any idea about my Gold Miroir Speedy? Ive ordered it to my friend when she go for buying trip and she will back a few weeks later.. Should I cancel it?
  4. haha im indifferent
  5. Lol Sophia.
    See, they might LOOK ok to you now but after a couple of uses, the strap will come off or the zipper will break and you'll KNOW they're definitely not nicer.
  6. Agreed. :yes:
  7. Do u have pics of the fake? :smile: I wanna seee!
  8. I agree! I want to see pics! I am confused as hell! You actually liked a fake.
  9. There are many cases where the fake is leather and the real is canvas. Or the fake has a leather lining (speedy) plus feet and the real has just cloth lining.
    This doesn't make it better.

    It's like the Chinese say, drawing a snake and adding feet. The real one isn't supposed to be like that. So you add function, but it's not BETTER. Like you said, it took away from the shine, which was the major wowzer for miroir.
  10. :smile:
  11. i understand you...

    haha when i got my REAL LV pochette a year ago i was like a bit disappointed that there is nothing inside, no litte zip or a a little pocket inside to put coins or the mobile....well of course i got used to it and love it now more than anything...

    but the LV pochette FAKE i had once as a teenager : the inside life was nicer :smile: it had a little pocket with zip inside....:smile:
  12. i admit there have been times when i am really impressed by the 'new design' those fake LV came up w/, especially the wallet, some have better designs than the real deal.
  13. My mother-in-law has this horrible fake LV... one of those pale beige plastic-handled things. It's awful but I like the design of it. Ack!
    It's like a Cabas Piano but with inner compartments. I wish the Piano had compartments sometimes. Hers also has a canvas bottom but with lots of "vachetta" elsewhere. It's a hideous bag, but I think it would look nice with real LV leather. It's quite practical too.
  14. I've seen Alma bags with feet, slightly larger mini speedies, and pochettes with a more generous sized strap. While these are all improvements in functionality, it doesnt make it better. Its still fake and months or years down the line if something goes wrong, or it breaks, (which it will) you're out of luck. Not to mention it has no real resale value.
  15. Any pics??