A Fake Miu Miu at Marshalls?

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  1. #1 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    Okay, ladies :wtf: is going on? I went to Marshalls the other day and saw a fake Miu Miu Coffer Bag for $19.99:roflmfao:. Now come here everybody knows that a Miu Miu Coffer bag is about $1000, but anyway when I was about to take it to the manager a girl had grab it and showed it too one of her friends. Anyway I looked at the girl and let her know that it was a fake she looked at me and say oh really how do you know? duh, because a Miu Miu don't cost $19.99. And so anyway she looked at me again and told me that she don't care if it's a fake, because nobody won't know the difference.

    So do you think that I was wrong for letting the girl know that the bag she was going to buy was a fake.

    PS: The material was pleather:sick:
  2. I would definitely have said something. I would want someone to clue me in if I didn't know. I wonder why a fake was there in the first place. fake return, maybe...?
  3. I don't know, but you might be right that maybe it could have been a fake return. But when I say that the bag was a fake it was definitely a fake.
  4. But, you know what with stores like Marshalls they probably don't care what they sell as long as they can get rid of it. Another thing if I didn't have my 3 yr old w/ me that day I would have ask for the manager, but he was acting up really bad. But I do know that since I don't have the 3 yr old with me today I'm going back today and let them know that they need to be careful on the type of handbags that they are selling because some them can fakes.
  5. Did it actually say Miu Miu? I have seen the coffer-looking bags at TJ Maxx, and I think they were around 20, 30 dollars. But those are just inspired.
  6. I can't remember, but it was a look alike of the miu miu coffer bag
  7. If it didn't say Miu Miu, then that's not a counterfeit. Similar to the Coach looking bags in mall carts that have Gs instead of the Cs.
  8. Could it have been a price mix up? Did you take it up with the store? I would hate my bags that I have got from Tk Maxx to be fake, not that they cost much but fakes make companies lose money etc...
  10. No because the girl had went ahead and decided to purchase the bag even when I told her about the bag.
  11. did the label acutual say miu miu? or was it a coffer lookalike bag?
  12. Ive seen Guess inspired bags. Practically identical but are G bags not Guess. Not illegal, just a loophole.
  13. Depends on how you're defining knockoff. If you do a search for this topic, you'll find varying opinions here. So I use the term counterfeit, that's an item infringing on the trademark of another designer, i.e. the bag actually says Miu Miu. I'm not totally up on this area of the law. I have only taken one intellectual property class, and it was several years ago. From what I remember, there is no copyright to a design. Think of the LV Speedy, which is probably the most well-known maker of the doctor satchel. But LV does not hold a monopoly over that shape, so other designers can use it as well, and they have. However, Louis Vuitton does get a trademark protection for the L and V. For $20, I am guessing that you saw an inspired coffer, borrowing the design but it's not illegal.
  14. You probably saw the Steve Madden knockoff of the Coffer.
  15. Well I guess need too do my homework some more then between learning the difference between what is real and what isn't real . I thought I knew the difference, but I guess I was wrong. Thanks ladies, now I'm gonna go and do my homework about the differences.