A fake Dior at Neiman Marcus??


Aug 29, 2006
This is my first Dior.......so I don't know much. :smile: I am pretty sure it is real since I bought it at Neiman Marcus. But if you look at the photos, it shows there is a misalignment of the "Dior" logo on top and it is making me doubt myself. Has this happen to anyone? Should I return it? Thanks!!!:P


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Hmm... I remember one poster saying about NM not an authorised dealer...

MaxHavoc said:
I would be leery of buying any Dior from NM. I have seen the worst quality of Dior bags there, dirty, missing hardware, frayed etc. I was informed by Dior that NM is NOT an AUTHORIZED dealer of Dior. I prefer to buy mine from the boutique or an authorized dealer such as Saks.

from this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/dior-merchandise-for-nms-private-sale-68291-2.html

I don't know if this is true or not but it's definitely interesting..... :confused1: :confused1:

ETA: I think the bag is lovely luvtoshop but I agree with the others, you should return it.
Dior for NM must have bad quality control inspector, or he/she must have been having a hangover that day to not notice. Got me a Dior bag from Europe somewhere and the inside lining was sewn inside out, causing the Dior symbol to be the other way. It is authentic as I compared it with someone that had the same bag here. I guess people make mistakes, really should check out the quality control inspector at Dior.