A fake Dior at Neiman Marcus??

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  1. This is my first Dior.......so I don't know much. :smile: I am pretty sure it is real since I bought it at Neiman Marcus. But if you look at the photos, it shows there is a misalignment of the "Dior" logo on top and it is making me doubt myself. Has this happen to anyone? Should I return it? Thanks!!!:P

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  2. I've never seen that before, definitely return it, that is a pretty big flaw so they shouldn't have a problem swapping the bag or refunding your money.
  3. WOW! I haven't ever seen a designer bag flaw like this! The bag is definitely real, though. I recommend exhanging/refunding it, too!
  4. great bag tho
  5. They had the same bag on sale at the Dior boutique in Honolulu. Its really cute!
  6. it definitely is authentic, just flawed. guess quality control let that one slip by!
  7. Weeeeeeeeird...definitely exchange that one!!!
  8. Hmm... I remember one poster saying about NM not an authorised dealer...

    from this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/dior-merchandise-for-nms-private-sale-68291-2.html

    I don't know if this is true or not but it's definitely interesting..... :confused1: :confused1:

    ETA: I think the bag is lovely luvtoshop but I agree with the others, you should return it.
  9. I would definitely exchange or return it.
  10. thanks everyone:yahoo:! although its cute I am going to return it......hopefully I can find a replacement soon:crybaby:
  11. when i got my bag at nenium marcus they didnt even stamp the back of the card :sad: weird hun??
  12. Take it back!
  13. Must exchange
  14. Dior for NM must have bad quality control inspector, or he/she must have been having a hangover that day to not notice. Got me a Dior bag from Europe somewhere and the inside lining was sewn inside out, causing the Dior symbol to be the other way. It is authentic as I compared it with someone that had the same bag here. I guess people make mistakes, really should check out the quality control inspector at Dior.
  15. That is a really bad Dior. Take it back. Maybe they could offer you a discount on a Dior that is more expensive to compensate for selling you that one.