A Fairytale.......

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  1. Well, my fairy bag has been out on the town with me twice now......and still perfect thank goodness....i dont worry so much after paying $40 to have her silicone coated, but of course will not take her out in rain and i do carry a plastic bag inside her, just in case :rolleyes:............took her into NM, and was surrounded by 5 SAs, drooling.... when they saw the pornographic fairies on her back, amazed laughter rang throughout the department..:roflmfao::heart:
  2. So glad to hear that all is well with your Fairy bag. Mine is yet to make her first trip out as we have had some rain here, but I am very excited to take her out on the town! Can you share more about the treatment you had put on the bag, where it was done, etc.? Thanks in advance!
  3. OH purse, good for you, mine has been out at least 1/2 dozen times, don't you just love the girls?? Glad you got them siliconed, feel better about carrying mine too.
  4. Still waiting to use mine 2nd fairy.....waiting til after the baby is born...6 more days to go....
  5. took her to Shoe Repair Plus, a top shoe/bag repair place in Boca. they sprayed her several times with a silicone spray and had her sit to dry for a couple of days. it cost me $40.....they told me not to take her out in rain, (which i wouldnt do anyway) but otherwise she should be fine: i.e., if a spill, or a couple of water drops or a damp counter - she wont be hurt. i can live with that!

    and Tanya....congratulations and blessings!