A fair price for my shoes, help!

  1. I want to buy these shoes but I do not know what is a fair price for them and the owner asked me to make an offer. Can you help me?
  2. Oh, god, love them. Are they brand new?
  3. yes, they are brand new, but I do not know how much should I offer, do you think $250 is a fair price?
  4. those are cute! I have no idea how much to offer though. I think $250 is a good offer, they will counter offer if they feel it's too low.
  5. I think $250 will be too low. My initial thought was $500. But I could be insane.
  6. I offered her $250 and she accepted. I am so happy. :happydance:
  7. $250 is what I always pay for LV shoes in fab condition on eBay. Occasionally less than that amount. Most sell for around that except for Cerises ones and usually sellers who price higher rarely get the amount they want.
    Good choice! Congrats on them.
  8. WOW that's great can't wait to see them!