A fabulous Tuesday involving trash...read on for pictures


Orange Pyramid
May 24, 2006
A Tuesday, middle of the week, not a day that's usually spectacular for me, but today was an exception! I met up with ohNina, madamelizaking, and the adorable Baby Z. We got to play in the SCP boutique, and I finally got to take home my "Celebrate the end of the shopping ban!" gift:biggrin:. One good thing about being on a ban (which I did for Lent) was that it made me realize I could do w/o always getting new stuff and really thinking hard about getting only what I really want. I knew that this purchase (see below) was worth it because I still wanted it after the 40 days (and there were so many other purchases that I just forgot about in that time). I'm so glad I got to share this with some awesome tpfers. Just being together and trying on shoes and eating dinner and talking was sooooo much fun! BTW, madamelizaking, thanks for the cookie! I split it with my sis, who came home from a long day at the same time I did, and she loved it, too! Thanks madamelizaking, Baby Z, and ohNina for a lovely evening:smile:

So...here are the pics...and no, I'm not trying to do a big tease, it's just taking forever to load them onto photobucket and onto here:lol:

Please excuse my messy room (blushes).

Oh, and I just thought it was funny that I just put it together that Tuesday is also trash pick-up day in my neighboorhood =)




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killing them softly
Feb 27, 2008
These are gorgeous!!! I love looking at pics of everyone's trash shoes because every pair is sooooo different! I absolutely LOVE the lace on the part over your toes--that makes the shoe in my opinion! You got a great pair, thanks for all the pics!