A fabulous HG revisited~LOVE?~

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  1. That bag looks great on you - definitely keep it!
  2. You look great! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
    I love your belt too.
  3. Belt is from (are you ready) TJMAX!!!!!! Is the purse??? I don't think so....
  4. Oh, I wish we had a TJMAXX. My sister gets great stuff from hers all the blasted time!
  5. gorgeous
  6. omg we have the same taste - I used to have this exact bag same color same season!!!
  7. I want the belt too. I should go check the store. :smile: Thanks!
  8. The key word is USE TO??? Hummmm?:confused1:
  9. she was too much bag for me to take...I loved loved loved her squishy leather, but soooooo heavy, too heavy! It took me this long to replace her purpose - a bad a** black bag - and I finally did with the black SGH PT!!!

  10. You crack me up. Okay here are some of my struggles with this purse. It competes too much with my new purse (yes the PT SGH in Black). I could excuse wearing one over the other, using the gold vs silver hardware theory. Then say to myself, this siver HW bag looks good over the gold with my outfit today? However (for me) that's plain silly when you don't have the expendible funds! KWIM?

    Now my Chloe Shopper is an interesting bird. Her leather is so flipping fabulous, chewy, soft yet durable at the same time. This bag will look pristine for YEARS. I like the side pockets for shopping, getting in and out of those areas is a breeze. Also since she's N/S purse I don't bang into things like I do with E/W bags?

    Brunettetiger her weight didn't bother me but the PT is a lighter bag;) Yet the PT doesn't stay on my arm (with the handles) yet the shopper does. Sigh.........
  11. I too have this bag and have a hard time parting with it. The leather is intoxicating so thick, soft , and smooshy. However, its just so damn heavy.

    Usually I don't mind the weight but its gotten really hard to carry a heavy bag and chase after my 5yr old and 17mth. old children. Everytime I go to sell it I get sad and put it back its such a beauty so hard to choose.
  12. ^Yes?? There are pros and cons to heavy vs light bags. The light bags buckle and fold on your arm/shoulder i.e. As my Bbag and my Valentinos tend to do. My Chloes are soft yet structured while on display, however heavier. I've decided to sell my Shopper. Now if it doesn't sell I'm definitely NOT going to be sick over it. She's pretty gorgeous....This was a tough decision...
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